May 2, 1998
  1. President Karimov visits Moscow for CIS summit

  2. Trade relations between Uzbekistan and Japan

  3. JOFT Chairman visits Uzbekistan

  4. New book is ready for publication

  5. New international magazine

  President Karimov visits Moscow for CIS summit
  On May 29 President Islam Karimov arrived in Moscow to attend a summit of CIS leaders. The summit postponed several times due to President Yeltsin's sickness has finally taken place. Before the session President Karimov had a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Evgeniy Primakov. During the plenary session all the CIS leaders spoke about increasing efficiency of the documents signed during summits. Some leaders complained that they always sign documents which never later work. At the end of the session the presidents agreed to appoint Uzbek Prime Minister Utkir Sultanov as chairman of the Council of CIS Prime Ministers and former deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council Boris Berezovsky as chairman of the CIS Executive Council. Mitsui.
  Trade relations between Uzbekistan and Japan
  Trade between Uzbekistan and Japan is increasing. In 1996 it was $156 million, and from June to November 1997 alone, it was $78 million Japanese entrepreneurs highly value the significance of Central Asia, and their activities show the real possibilities to raise the level of economic relations between the two countries to a new level. This is confirmed by the visit of several official delegations, both governmental and economic. Examples of cooperation include the Kokdumalak oil company in Ferghana and the gold mining firm Mitsui.
  JOFT Chairman visits Uzbekistan
  Toru Toeshima, chairman of the Japanese Organization of Foreign Trade (JOFT), spoke out in favor of further cooperation with Uzbekistan. He underlined that this Central Asian country is successfully undergoing reform along its own path. Members of a Japanese delegation from the JOFT, headed by T. Toeshima, came to learn about the Uzbek economy. They took part in an Uzbek-Japanese seminar devoted to questions of the development of small and medium business. The delegation was received by Uzbekistan's Prime Minister Utkir Sultanov.
  New book is ready for publication
  Shark Express Publishers is preparing a new book "Tashkent - Past and Present" for publication. The basic idea of this original photo album is to look at the past to see today the ancient traditions, culture and spirit of Tashkent. The book is published with texts in Uzbek, English and Russian. The two volume edition will be on sale for the seventh anniversary of independence, opening the Panorama series of illustrated albums about the cities and regions of Uzbekistan.
  New international magazine
  A new international magazine has been launched in Tashkent. "The Culture of Central Asia" is the publication of the Assembly of Cultures of the people of Central Asia. Its headquarters is located in Tashkent. The magazine will have eight pages and articles in Uzbek, Russian, Tajik, Kazak and Kyrgyz languages.

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