July 25-August 1, 1998



  1. Procter & Gamble pledges to increase its investments
  2. Oliy Majlis to hold its twelvth session in the end of August
  3. Uzbek TV supports Tajikistan in expelling Russian journalist
  4. Government decree gives three consecutive days-off
  5. Deputy Foreign Minister becomes an Ambassador
  6. UNDP aid to Uzbekistan reaches $322 mln.
  7. New golf course to be opened in Tashkent soon
  8. New "Umid" grantees get prepared for study overseas




Procter & Gamble pledges to increase its investments


On July 28 Prsident Islam Karimov met with the President of Procter and Gamble for Europe, Near East and Africa, Herald Einsmann in Tashkent. Mr. Einsmann told President Karimov about his companies's future plans in Uzbekistan. Since Procter & Gamble emerged the Uzbek market in 1996, it has sold goods worth of 50 million dollars. The company also cooperates with the "For a Healthy Generation" foundation of Uzbekistan to conduct hygienic programs and educating minors observing personal hygiene. Mr. Einsmann also met with Prime Minister Utkir Sultonov.




Oliy Majlis to hold its twelvth session in August


The Oliy Majlis has decreed to hold its twelvth session on 28 August in Tashkent. Deputies will consider and may adopt drafts of a Housing Code, a Law on State Land Cadastre, a Law on Bankruptsy, a Law on Depositaries and Depositary Operations in Secuties Market, a Law on Automobile Transportation, a Law on Guarantees of Advocate's Activity and Social Protection of Advocates in Uzbekistan, a Law on Removal and Importation of Cultural Values, a Law on Advertising. The Oliy Majlis will also consider issues of establishing a Central Electoral Commission.




Uzbek TV supports expell of Russian journalist


Uzbek State Television backed the Tajik Foreign Ministry's decision to declare a Russian journalist working in Tajikistan persona non grata. "The people of Uzbekistan reacted with indignation to the series of reports prepared by the Russian NTV special correspondent, Elena Masyuk, broadcast on 22nd-23rd July this year on events in Tajikistan and about Uzbek-Tajik relations," the television said in a commentary on 29th July. "The public in Uzbekistan shares the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan and such actions are direct interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state," it added. The content and presenation of Masyuk's reports, the television said, had an "obviously provocative character directly aimed at stirring up discord and interethnic confrontation between the two nations." It added that the reports were "specially aired" at a time when the governments of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan were taking new steps to further develop friendly relations between the two countries.




Government decree gives three consecutive days off


The Cabinet of Ministers signed a decree on switching a day-off from August 29, Saturday to August 31, Monday. September 1 is Independence Day so due to this decree people will have a chance to have three consecutive days off.




Deputy Foreign Minister becomes an Ambassador


President Karimov signed a decree on giving former first deputy minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan Shavkat Hamraqulov a diplomatic rank of ambassador and appointed him an Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the Kingdom of Belgium.




UNDP aid to Uzbekistan reaches $322 mln.


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has released a report on cooperation with Uzbekistan for 1997. The report shows that Uzbekistan received 57 million dollars of foreign aid in 1997. For the last six years, the figure is equal to 322 million dollars. 86 percent of the aid were grants for technical development and 11 percent were humanitarian and food aid. UNDP mostly financed the development of healthcare, economic management, human resources and agriculture.




New golf course to be opened in Tashkent soon


A new golf course will open in September in Tashkent. The course has become the first project of a joint venture for recreation and sports opened by the mayor's office of Tashkent and American Olden Star, Inc. The new golf club the first in Central Asia and the second in the CIS has 18 fields and located at the lake called Rohat not so far from the city of Tashkent. The combined length of all the 18 fields is twelve kilometers. It takes four hours to walk through it. Simultaneousely 150 people can play in all fields.




New "Umidies" get prepared for study overseas


"Turkiston" palace in Tashkent hosted a grant ceremony for new "Umid" Foundation grantees. Beginning this Fall over 300 students all over Uzbekistan will study for Bachelor's and Master's degrees at universities of the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Germany. Last year the number of "Umid" grantees was 157. "Umid" is a Presidential foundation established to help Uzbek students study overseas at the government's expense. In exchange "Umidies" will be obliged to work for the Uzbek government for five years. Students take a multi-level test of English, history of Uzbekistan, and their respective major.


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