November 14-November 21, 1998
  1. President decrees to take care of young graduates

  2. President appoints two new vice-premiers

  3. President fires minister of health

  4. Tashkent may host professional fight soon

  5. Uzbek peacekeepers leave deployment place in Tajikistan

  6. Greek Defence Minister visits Uzbekistan

  President decrees to take care of young graduates
  President Karimov issued a decree to form a special working group from government officers to help "Umid" students with their placement and further promote them. "Umid" is a presidential foundation established two years ago to help gifted and best students study overseas at the government's expenses. All the "Umid" grantees are obliged to work for the government in their field for five years. However since the first group returned this Fall from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan, the government hasn't dealt with their placement yet, which means that they are tied without a rope. Because they can't go to work for private, commercial or foriegn entities before they finish their five-year obligatory term, but at the same time they are jobless, perhaps because no one in the government wants to compete with the "Umid" graduates and lose their job. So the new decree will help the "Umidies" get a placement and a better care.
  President appoints two new vice-premiers
  President Islam Karimov appointed Anatoliy Isaev and Rustam Yunusov deputy prime-ministers. The latter will also head the State Joint Stock Concern for Construction and Automobile Roads.
  President appoints new minister of health
  President Islam Karimov appointed Feruz Nazarov, a chest surgeon, new minister of health instead of Shavkat Karimov, who was fired for the poor condition of the system of healthcare in the country. Earlier the president critisized the ministry at the Cabinet Ministers's special session and issued a decree aimed at improving the healthcare and making some reforms. But this wasn't the only change in the ministry. The president also appointed rector of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Insitute Damin Asadov first deputy minister and made the former first deputy Ravshan Sultanov just a deputy, who will oversee Tashkent's entire healthcare system.
  PBF plans to hold professional match in Tashkent
  The Professional Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan plans to hold Artur Grigorian's next fight in Tashkent early 1999. Artur Grigorian is a seven-times WBO champion in the light-weight category from Uzbekistan. He defends a club in Hamburg, Germany. Until now he fought all his fights in Germany.
  Uzbek peacekeepers leave Tajikistan
  A battalion of Uzbek armed forces, a constituent part of the Collective Peacekeeping Force (KMS), left the place of their deployment last Monday in the Shaartuzsky district of Tajikistan, bordering Uzbekistan, Itar-Tass learnt from reliable military sources here on Tuesday. According to some data, the battalion moved in the direction of the Uzbek city of Termez. According to the above sources, an alleged exercise on the Uzbek-Afghan border was a pretext for the re-deployment. Sources note that the KMS joint command was allegedly informed of this fact. The KMS headquarters officially reported that "it has no information from Uzbek colleagues about a notification". A group of headquarters officers goes on Tuesday to the Shaartuzsky district on orders from the KMS commander, Colonel-General Nikolai Pugachev, to find out circumstances of this move. The Uzbek peacekeeping battalion, as well as similar subunits of Kirghiz and Kazakh armed forces, are deployed in Tajikistan under the 1994 Treaty of Collective Security of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Uzbek peacekeepers numbering 140-150, in contrast to their counterparts in peacekeeping operations, did not participate in guarding CIS southern borders.
  Greek Defence Minister visits Uzbekistan
  Apostolos Tsochadzopoulos, Greek Minister of National Defence, arrived in Uzbekistan on Wednesday. He stayed in the republic for two days. Tsochadzopoulos, along with talks and meetings with his Uzbek counterpart, toured a number of military units and also had meetings in the republic's Foreign Ministry.

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