Economic Data for the first quarter of 1999
(As of April 17, 1999)

GDP 102.9 %
Volume of industrial output by 4.7%
Growth of agriculture by 5.5%
Growth of retail trade by 12.9%
Growth of paid services by 9.5%

Monthly inflation 2.4%
Maternity assistance 120.8 thousand families
New jobs 101,000
Export in agriculture by 12.8%


Budget deficit 13.9 bln. soums
Revenue 417.9 bln. soums
(0.1% up than forecast)
Budget expenditure 431.8 bln
(1.5% lower than expected)
Direct taxes 126.7 bln. soums
(0.7% higher tha planned)
Profit taxes from corporate bodies 66.4 bln. soums
Income tax from the population 53.5 bln. soums
Enterprise tax 6.8 bln. soums
Indirect taxes 197.8 bln. soums
(1.7% less than planned)
Excise collected 83.4 bln. soums
Custom duties 3.2 bln. soums
Import dues 2.2 bln. dollars
Expenditure on social security 42.7 bln. soums
Allocations in social sphere 158 bln. soums
Centralized investments 93 bln. soums
Sold government bonds 11.3 bln. soums

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