January 17, 1998
  1. Ukrainian Prime Minister Valeriy Pustovoytenko visits Uzbekistan

  2. President Karimov meets Daewoo Group Chairman Kid Woo Jung

  3. New joint venture produces automobile spare parts

  4. President Karimov awards a group of military personnel

  5. Drug dealers detained

  6. Villages for orphans to be built soon

  Ukrainian Prime Minister Valeriy Pustovoytenko visits Uzbekistan
  Uzbekistan enjoys mutually beneficial bilateral relations with many countries around the world. This week Prime Minister of Ukraine Valery Pustovoitenko paid an official visit to our country. Ukraine's main interest in Uzbekistan is cotton and gas. President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov held a meeting with Prime Minister Valery Pustovoitenko and said that Uzbekistan is intersted in promoting mutually beneficial cooperation with Ukraine. In his turn, Mr. Pustovoitenko spoke on latest economic and political developments in his country and said that his government is seeking to bring more foreign investments and to improve financial, budgetary and taxation policy of Ukraine. Cooperation on the parlimentary level between the two countries was the main item of discussion at Pustovoitenko's meeting with the Chairman of the Oliy Majlis Erkin Khalilov. Meanwhile yesterday the Uzbek-Ukranian joint economic commission held its second session. The commission, which was founded nine months ago to promote trade and economic relations between both countries, summed up the work done during the nine months. According to Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Utkir Sultanov the present situation in trade does not meet the needs and potential of both nations. Although last year the commodity turnover betwen Uzbekistan and Ukraine was over $300 mln., there are still problems remaining with debt payments and high custom duties from the Ukrainan side. As a result, last year only 150 tons of Uzbek cotton was transported through the Ukrainian sea ports to Europe, twice as little as compared to the previous years. As the Ukrainian officials said Ukraine is interested in purchasing more Uzbek cotton to overcome problems in its textile industry. In its turn Uzbekistan needs Ukranian experts to reconstruct its poor rail roads. The session resulted in both sides signing several agreements.
  President Karimov meets Daewoo Group Chairman Kid Woo Jung
  On January 13 President Islam Karimov held a meeting with the chairman of Daewoo Group company Kim Woo Jung. Such meetings have become traditional. Islam Karimov and Kim Woo Jung have met several times since Daewoo strongly emerged the Uzbek market having invested in automobile, home appliances, banking and textile industries. Both sides discussed joint cooperative projects for the year 1998. By the way despite the economic and financial crisis in Asia, Daewoo Group successfully maintains its economy and device strategies to overcome the problems and facilitate its growth and development.
  New joint venture produces automobile spare parts
  Automobile industry is one of the highly developed sectors of economy in Uzbekistan. We not only assemble cars, but have also begun manufacturing spare parts. The joint stock enterprise Uzbek-Krovlya is successfully operating in this area. The company along with UzDaewoo tested the equipment to produce spare parts. They will make it possible to increase the capacity and technological efficiency.

  President Karimov awards a group of military personnel
  On January 14 , 1992 the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan were formed. Eversince this day is celebrated as the Nation's Defenders Day. In connection with this holiday President Islam Karimov issued a decree on awarding a group of military officers from the National Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs and officials from the Ministry for Emergency, the State Customs Commitee and the Chief-Prosecutor's Office.
  Drug dealers detained
  There is still a danger that Uzbekistan may become a transit point for drug barons to traffic narcotics from Asia to Europe. A "Ford" car was arrested yesterday due to joint cooperation of National Security Service agents with customs officers of Surhandarya oblast. The car was stopped for examination on its way to Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan. Twelve kilograms of heroine packed in plastic bubbles were found in a gas tank. According to the detained driver, he was to deliver the drugs to Moscow.
  Villages for orphans to be built soon
  Life is a serious thing and the only difference between one man and another is the stage of the desease at which he lives. It is very difficult to answer the question on what stage orphans are living. But still some people are trying to do their best for them. An international project SOS-orphan villages has become a reality for Uzbekistan. The Uzbek Charity Foundation and SOS-Kinderdorf International signed an agreement on cooperation. The organisers have only one and the main purpose - to bring joy and cheer to the lives of these children. Soon so called villages - each consisting of ten to fifteen houses will be built. Each family of a house will unite twelve kids. Nowadays more than 360 such villages are sucessfully functioning in 125 countries.

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