January 24, 1998
  1. President Islam Karimov speaks about problems of training of specialists

  2. "Umid" Foundation begins its second year program

  3. President Karimov becomes Honorary Member of Moscow Economics Academy

  4. Immigrant from Uzbekistan performs outstanding academic record

  5. Sausage producing factory opens jointly with Americans

  6. Indians set up joint venture for manufacture of pharmaceutical products

  7. Spread of Epidemy in Tashkent

  8. First Uzbek cosmonaut takes off to space

  President speaks about training of specialists
  Six months ago a presidential decree was held on the National Program for Training of Experts. Yesterday senior government officials gathered to review issues on what has been done and what still needs to be done to carry out the decree. President Islam Karimov personally took the chair. He stressed that "the improvement of secondary and higher education will carry out a large part of the decree. Because only qualified and skilled experts of their field can bring positive chnages in the lives of our people." The president pointed out three of them as the most important: poor academic facilities in schools and universities, the minority of high-level teachers and conflicts between academic requirements of newly opened colleges and their actual situation. The president criticized the prime-minister's office for not adopting a decree on the realization of the presidential decree on how and what academic projects the new budget's expenditures for ecucation will be spent. Newly opened colleges and schools should be specialized in specific areas. For instance there are no specialized schools to train farmers or retrain teachers. Oblast and district khokimiyats (administrations) show no assistance.
  "Umid" begins its second year program
  The National Program for Training of Experts is designed for 25 years. However the newly established foundation "Umid" didn't want to wait long. In 1997 the President's Office issued a decree to establish a presidential youth foundation "Umid" to select best undergraduates and gradutes nationwide for sending them to study overseas. Last year the first step was made. "Umid", which in Uzbek means hope, administered four-step tests for thousands of students nationwide in economics, international law, humanities, journalism and computer skills. 157 students, sucessfully passed all the tests and were eligible to go to colleges and universities of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan for bachelor's and master's study. The financing for scholarships came from international companies conducting business in Uzbekistan. At the end of last year "Umid" announced a new program for 1998-99 academic year with slight additions. Now students have a chance to compete for scholarships for Universities in Italy and can also apply for majors in engineering and arts. This time 500 people will be selected for the program. According to the contract signed between the Uzbek government and a student, upon the graduation overseas "Umid" graduates are required to work for the government for five years. The foundation is optimistic about the students's academic performance at their host universities and believes that they will come back to Uzbekistan. British Council is an organization, which helps the foundation gather information about academic standings of the students studying in the United States and deals with the placement of students. According to British Council the students are very much successful. Today "Umid' gives hope for many to study overseas and use their knowledge to improve their country. It is a hope for the better future.
  President Karimov becomes Honorary Doctor
  President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov was given a title of honorary member of the Russian Economics Academy named after Plekhanov in Moscow for his book "Uzbekistan On the Threshold of the 21 st Century: Threats to Security and Challenge to Stability and Progress. The inauguration of the Russian version of the book was held in Moscow. One professor from the Academy said that Islam Karimov is a smart and experienced politician. His book was translated into and published in several languages.

  Immigrant from Uzbekistan performs outstanding academic record
  18-year-old Dmitriy Kudrin became one of the 300 semi-finalists in the 57th annual Science Talent Search in the United States. Dmitriy immigrated to the United States two and a half years ago from Uzbekistan and now is a student of the Forest Hills High School in Queens, one of the five districts of New York City. Later this month all the semifinalists will compete for 40 finalist awards worth a total of $205,000. Dmitriy advanced to semifanils fir examining soil samples from Chernobyl and finding all but one sample still dangerously radioactive.
  Uzbek-American sausage factory opens
  There are some hardships of conducting business in Uzbekistanfor foreign companies. Some of these companies seem to be purposeful and are determined to continue their business. A versatile American company Dug is one of them. With their Uzbek partners the company established a joint venture which is already producing sausages and which are already on sale. The joint venture produces a ton of the product every day. But often break-off of power and gas holds back the production. Seems like this problem doesn't bother the businessmen. Soon they will open a new fish processing section. Ocean fish will be supplied by the Ameeican partner. In groceries the product will be sold frozen and smoked. Prices are expected to be lower than the average.
  Uzbek-Indian pharmaceutical enterprise
  The inauguration of an Uzbek-Indian pharmaceutical joint factory "Korpharmasanoat" was held in Tashkent on Thursday. In a month the joint factory will manufacture antibiotics, single-use syringes, infusion solution and different pills. Swiss and German equipment installed at the joint venture has a capacity of producing almost five thousand pills per minute. Pills will be packed at the factory itself at the output of 500 packs per minute.
  Spread of Epidemy in Tashkent
  Epidemy of different infectious diseases are still troubling some parts of the country and especially Tashkent city. Poor hygienic and sanitary conditions in the streets of the capital have caused several diseases like hepatitis, meningitis and other intestinal diseases. Schools were closed at the end of last December for two weeks. Now in schools children have to wear masks to prevent the infection of menigitis. Sources report that this disease have already claimed the lives of some people. 50 tons of industrial waste is stockpiled in the city. The National Extraordinary Epidemic Commission met last Sunday and ecided that city and district khokimiyat officials responsible for negligence would be fired.
  First Uzbek flies to space
  Believe it or not, an Uzbek cosmonaut is in space. Frankly speaking with his nationality being Uzbek he was born in Kyrgyzstan, studied in Russia and on Friday took off from the United States. As a member of the Endeavour shuttle, 33-year-old Solijon Sharipov made his first flight to space to rendezvous and dock with Russia's Mir Space Station. The shuttle is carrying more than 7000 pounds of experiments, supplies, and hardware for the Mir. As a mission specialist and expert in the Mir complex system, he will look after the life support system, to perform some maintenance tasks on board, take observations of the Earth, and to participate in crew transfer procedures. As an engineer and ecologist, he will also observe the Earth, make photo and video recordings, and will interact with the crew members of the Mir and become better acquainted with the orbital complex. Solijon says that his dream about flying to space finally came true. He had study long before he was selected for the mission: in 1987 he graduated from the Air Force Pilot School and worked as a pilot-instructor. He has logged over 950 hours flying time. In 1994 he graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in cartography. STS-89 will be Endeavour's twelfth flight in space. It will be the eighty-ninth shuttle flight in the program's history. Besides Solijon, there six men and one women on the board. By the way some of these pictures were made three years ago. As you see today Solijon's dream came true. Holy books say that during the month of Ramadan, all wishes come true. And probably this was Solijon's mostly desired wish.

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