February 14, 1998
  1. Khokims take agricultural courses

  2. British parliamentary delegation in Uzbekistan

  3. Brief news

  4. "Uzautotrans" corporation succeeds 20 % drop in traffic accidents

  5. First sugar refinery in Uzbekistan

  6. Uzbekistan is the fourth uranium extracting country

  7. Uzbekistan vs. China in Davis Cup

  Khokims take agricultural courses
  Khokims of all oblasts recalled the times when they were students and gathered in Tashkent for retraining. In the last three days they were lectured on agricultural issues and reforms in rural areas at the Academy of State and Social Construction. They were also lectured personally by Prime Minister Utkir Sultonov and his deputies. Taking into account of Uzbekistan being more agricultural state, most of the lectures were made on agricultural topic. Today the khokims were received by President Karimov.
  British parliamentary delegation in Uzbekistan
  On Monday a delegation from the British parliament paid an official visit to Uzbekistan. The delegation was invited by the Oliy Majlis. Its deputy chairman Boris Bugrov told the British deputies about the Oliy Majlis's legislative activity which is mostly based on the pattern of the British parliament. The delegation also visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the office of Ombudsman, the Institute of Strategic and Regional Studies, the National Center for Human Rights and the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. This was the first visit of the British parliamentary delegation to Uzbekistan. By the end of the year two more such delegations are expected from Great Britain. A group of Uzbek deputies are also getting prepared for a visit to the United Kingdom. The ratio of bilateral visits of parliamentary delegations is 40 against 20 in favor of foreign delegations visiting Uzbekistan.
  Brief news
  President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov will pay an official visit to Ukraine from February 18th through the 20th.

President Islam Karimov gave Rustam Isaev and Umarali Hudoyberdiev first class diplomatic ranks and appointed them ambassadors of Uzbekistan to Israel and Turkey respectively.

The publishing house "Uzbekistan" published President Karimov's selected works entitled "On the Way to Spiritual Revival" which takes in excerpts from his speeches and books. The book is also thought to be an ideological basis for the revival of Uzbek culture.

The government of Uzbekistan has established a special fund to help the residents of the Afghan province of Tahar hit by a dreadful earthquake which killed more than four thousand people. A humanitarian aid consisting of food, medicine, construction materials and children wear has already been shipped to the disaster area.

The chairman of the State Taxation Committee of Uzbekistan Villy Beganov and the Ambassador of South Korea to Uzbekistan Che Eng Ha signed an inter-state convention on avoiding double taxation between Uzbekistan and South Korea.

Denmark has become the seventh EU member-country to have ratified the agreement on partnership and cooperation between Uzbekistan and the European Union. The agreement was signed in Florence in 1996. Other six countries are Finland, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Austria and Ireland.

A World War Two veteran residing in a village in Syrdarya oblast presented a stallion to the president on his 60th birthday. Narzullo Hojiev had met the president seven years ago, when he came to complain about the shortages of gas and water in his village. Later on a 64-kilometer long water supply system and a 74-kilometer long gas pipe line were laid and new schools and four medical centers were built in the village. To the old man's present President Karimov replied with his gifts.

  "Uzautotrans" corporation succeeds 20 % drop in traffic accidents
  The constantly changing weather is putting us in a jeopardy. In the morning you are not sure whether to take or leave the umbrella home, to put a coat or a jacket. But drivers find themselves in a more jeopardy. Members of the Interior and Health ministries along with those from state corporations met to review the results of their work in maintaining safety of traffic on the roads and to talk about future plans. The main subject of discussion was the operation of the "Uzautotrans" corporation, which exploits 40,000 transportation units for passengers and freight. Eighteen large transportation companies and concerns are members of the corporation. The corporation representatives reported that the number of traffic accidents involving their vehicles dropped by 20 percent last year as opposed to the records of 1996. Besides the corporation replaced most of its Soviet-made vehicles to those made in Germany and the Czech republic. However if the corporation's technical personnel doesn't care for the condition of vehicles, soon the newly purchased cars will be no different from their Soviet friends. At this meeting the corporation was criticized for the unsatisfactory technical condition of the vehicles. By the way statistics shows that a great part of the accidents has been related to such a negligence.
  First sugar refinery in Uzbekistan
  The first sugar refinery in Uzbekistan is expected to be built this year in Khorezm oblast. The assembly and installation of a steam generator and an auxiliary equipment is coming to its end. This equipment will process sugar beet into sugar by centrifugal movement. The generator was created by Germans and produced in Turkey. But in comparison with the ones already exploited in Turkey, this one is unique and has higher efficiency. A group of people, the refinery's future experts are currently undergoing a training in Turkey. Experts predict that the refinery may be put into operation ahead of the schedule.
  Uzbekistan is the fourth uranium extracting country
  Uzbekistan is trying to win an international recognition in the extraction and processing of mineral resources. For Uzbekistan such a recognition is of a great importance, because a quarter of the nation's gross domestic product relies on this sector. The annual extracted resources in Uzbekistan are estimated at six billion U.S. dollars. Mining combines across the country don't feel the shortage in raw materials. One of them is the mining and metallurgical combine in Navoi oblast. Last year the combine processed 515 kilograms of more gold than its original plan. The Uzbek-American joint venture Zarafshan-Newmont is expanding its activity. In Uchkuduk the opening of three more hydro metallurgical plants increased the productivity in processing of uranium. Until now in Uchkuduk, rich for uranium deposits, over five million tons of uranium have been processed, which helps Uzbekistan keep the fourth place in the world.
  Uzbekistan vs. China in Davis Cup
  While the attention of lovers of winter sports are riveted on the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, fans of summer sports didn't feel estranged. Yesterday the national tennis team of Uzbekistan began matches against Chinese team in Davis cup. It's been only one year since the team of Uzbekistan has been playing in the first group of the Asian and Oceanian zone. This was the fourteenth match of the team in this unofficial world championship, of which 10 matches were won. For their third play with our team, the Chinese came to Tashkent without two their veterans, who changed their career of an athlete to a coach. Unfortunately the first experience of being a coach was a great disappointment for them. In his match against Yu Vey Van, Vadim Kutsenko brought first victory for Uzbekistan 6:2, 6:2, 6:1. Our number one player Oleg Ogorodov won his match as well. In today's third match, if Ogorodov-Tomashevich won their doubles match, despite the results of the two remaining matches, Uzbekistan would proceed to the next step, where they would meet South Korea. And they did win. Now if Uzbekistan overcomes the Koreans in Seoul, they will advance to the next group.

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