February 21, 1998
  1. President Islam Karimov visits Ukraine

  2. Kazakstani Prime Minister in Uzbekistan

  3. Presidential decree

  4. Business news

  President Islam Karimov visits Ukraine
  Uzbekistan has strong bilateral relations with Ukraine. About 300,000 ethnic Ukrainians live in our country. That`s why it`s by no mere chance that during the official visit of President Islam Karimov to Ukraine, he said that Uzbekistan considers Ukraine as a principle partner in the fields of energy, transportation, communication, aircraft industry and machine building. During the talks with President Leonid Kuchma both sides stressed that Uzbekistan and Ukraine are strategic partners and discussed the problems of long-term cooperation. President Islam Karimov also met with Prime Minister Valeriy Pustovoytenko. During the negotiations they touched upon the possibility of increasing the commodity turnover between Uzbekistan and Ukraine which in 1997 was equal to 350 mln. U.S. dollars. Legislative issues were discussed with the Chairman of Verkhovnaya Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, Mr. Moroz. The delegation also visited the city of Dnepropetrovsk. This visit resulted in signing of a number of long-term documents, the most important of which was an accord on friendship and further cooperation between our countries.
  Kazakstan Prime Minister in Tashkent
  The delegation of the Government of Kazakstan headed by Prime-Minister Nurlan Balgimbayev visited Uzbekistan this week. Both sides tried to work out a common concept of cooperation and integration taking into account the potential and needs of each republic. He was received by President Islam Karimov. Both sides discussed issues of further cooperation between the two countries. Nurlan Balgimbayev also met with the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Utkir Sultonov. During the talks they touched upon the problems of cooperation in the fields of energy, communication and irrigation. The members of the Kazak delegation expressed their intention to sign a contract for a new supply of Uzbek gas.
  Presidential decree
  President Islam Karimov signed a decree on additional measures for the regulation of import operations. The decree is aimed at improving tariff regulations and easing the procedure of signing and control over the execution of import contracts. The decree also simplifies registration procedures for import contracts at the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations.
  Business news
  Taking into consideration the importance of the system of transport communication a good deal of attention is paid both to the modernization and organizing of joint international projects. VGD-Intrans Uzbek-Turkish joined venture founded by KB Intrans joint stock company and the Turkish BGD company carries out centralized delivery of cars produced by "UzDaewooAuto" plant. Its authorization fund is 3,200,000 U.S. dollars. Uzbek side supplies with tractors and Turkish one with trailers. For the very short period of time tractor-and-trailer combinations transported more than 1000 "Tico" and "Nexia" brand cars. As it turned out the representatives of a number of organizations of Russia and other NIS states are taking interest in the activity of this company.

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