February 7, 1998
  1. Case corporation board member meets with President Karimov

  2. Russian Patriarch congratulates President Karimov on his 60th anniversary

  3. Prime Minister Utkir Sultonov visits Tajikistan

  4. Drug smugglers from Tajikistan caught

  5. Ferghana resurrects before Al-Farghoni's birthday

  6. TACIS marks fifth-year operation in Uzbekistan

  7. National Airways of Uzbekistan plans to open flights to Paris and Tokyo

  8. First Uzbek cosmonaut lands safely

  9. Uzbek students celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

  10. Uzbekistan's Olympic Team goes to Nagano

  "Case" corporation member meets President Karimov
  This week a delegation from the American Case corporation headed by the board member Jean Pierre Rss visited Uzbekistan. The purpose of the delegation's current visit was to assure the government once again that Case is still supportive of the reforms in agriculture in Uzbekistan. This particular point was stated by Mr. Rosso at his meeting with President Islam Karimov. Today Case holds a leading position in the Uzbek market supplying modern and effective American combines for cotton, rice and corn harvesting. Issues of further cooperation were touched upon at the meeting with Prime Minister of the Republic Utkir Sultanov. Both sides agreed on the supply of combines for the next season.
  Russian Patriarch congratulates President Karimov on his birthday
  On February 3 President Islam Karimov held a meeting with Archbishop of Tashkent and Central Asian Eparchy Father Vladimir. The archbishop handed in a letter of congratulations from Russian Patriarch Alexey II to President Karimov on the occasion of his 60th jubilee and for his contribution to maintaining peace. Father Vladimir also presented the president an award from the Russian Orthodox church - an order of devout Grand Prince Daniil the Moskovite. This order was founded in 1988 when Russia celebrated one thousandth anniversary of epiphany. Now there are only three people in the world who were given this order - former U.N. Secretary Boutros Boutros Ghali, President of the former Chechoslovakia Gustav Gusak and now President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.
  Prime Minister Utkir Sultonov visits Tajikistan
  On February 5 an Uzbek government delegation led by Prime Minister Utkir Sultonov paid a private visit to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. The delegation held negotiations with President Imomali Rakhmonov, Prime Minister Yakhyo Azimov and other high ranking officials. They discussed trade and economic issues and agreed on joint use of water and energy resources, supply of Uzbek petroleum products to Tajikistan and perfection of transits. At the request of Tajik side, the Uzbek government will re-view Tajikistan's debt to Uzbekistan.
  Drug smugglers from Tajikistan caught
  While officials of both neighboring countries were discussing transit issues, three citizens of Tajikistan were detained with 200 kilograms of heroine in an attempt to carry them over to Russia. Uzbekistan is still under a danger of becoming a transit point for drug trafficking from Asia to Europe. 163 kg of heroine was seized by custom officers in Surhandarya oblast. They will face a court sentence now.
  Ferghana resurrects before Al-Farghoni's birthday
  1200th jubilee celebrations of famous Uzbek scholar Ahmad al Farghony will be held in the framework of UNESCO events. New construction works have begun in Ferghana and Quva. In Ferghana the central square "Dustlik" and the recreation park are under reconstruction. The monument to Akhmad al-Farghony will be erected there. A large group of archeologists are working on excavations of the ancient city, which was established in the X-XI centuries. Coins of the Timurid period were found there.
  TACIS marks fifth-year operation in Uzbekistan
  Along with other institutions, two more are succesfully operating in Uzbekistan - the European Union with its TACIS program and the Soros Foundation. Their activity is directed to improving professional skills of Uzbek people. TACIS has marked the 5th anniversary of its operation in Uzbekistan. During the five years TACIS established very good business relationship with Uzbekistan. All targeted projects have been successfully implemented.
  National Airways to open flights to Paris and Tokyo
  The motto of the Uzbek National Airways company is to make the world closer. Today Uzbekistan Airways is one of the leading and rapidly developing companies in the world. It operates a wide range of domestic and international flights including those to the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Holland and many other states. Soon Uzbekistan Airways will open new routes to Paris and Tokyo. An agreement to establish a direct flight to the Japanese capital was achieved during the recent visit of the company's board members to Tokyo.
  First Uzbek cosmonaut lands safely
  Solijon Sharipov became the first cosmonaut of Uzbek origin who flew to the orbit. Last Sunday Solijan Sharipov finished his mission on Endeavor's board, having successfully landed in the space center in Florida with his six american astronauts. As we reported earlier Salijan Sharipov was born in neighboring Kyrgyzstan in the family of ethnic Uzbeks. Then he moved to Russia where received citizenship. He began his career as a combat pilot. Later he was included to a team of Russian cosmonauts. His participation in the STS-89 mission and the flight to the station MIR is the first one in his career. The very first people to greet Salijan after his return to Earth were his close relatives.
  Uzbek students celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year
  New year celebrations have not finished yet. In many countries the New Year holiday lasts only one day. But this is not the case with the people of China. The chinese celebrate their new year for 15 days. As China's heaviest bell rung from its 500-year old tower, Lunar New Year festivities commenced throughout the country. During their biggest holiday the Chinese people gather at temples to pray and make offerings in hope of good luk in the coming Year of the Tiger. Families eat meals that include traditional New Year dish of stuffed dumplings known as jiao-zi. The colorful celebrations take place at streets where thousands of people line the route to see the annual parade which features a traditional chinese dragon dance. The dragon is a symbol of the origin of the chinese people and a symbol of good luck. But not only in China are lunar new year festivites celebrated. A group of students from the Chinese Department of the the Institute of Oriental Languages in Tashkent invited Chinese diplomats and businessmen to demonstrate their interest in Chinese culture. They performed traditional Chinese songs and dances as well as recited some famous poems. The Charge de Affaires of the Embassy of China to Uzbekistan and the rector of the Institute spoke on ever-widening cultural and spiritural ties between the Uzbek and the Chinese people who were historically connected with the Great Silk Road.
  Uzbekistan's Olympic Team goes to Nagano
  The last Olympic Games of the XX century- this is probably the most frequently spoken phrase today in Nagano, the host city of the Winter Olympic Games, although the last Olympic Games will be held in Sidney in 2000, because the XXI century will emerge on the very first day of 2001. The opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in Nagano was held this morning. Ten years ago the International Olympic Committee announced Nagano, a small mountaneous resort area situated 250 km away from Tokyo, a host city for the XVIII Winter Olympics. Japan had already a successful experience of conducting Olympic Games in Tokyo and Sapporo. But the games in Nagano are expected to be the most challenging and interesting, because of wide use of high-tech equipment. Opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics and competitions will be broadcast live to almost all countries of the world. Organizers spent ten billion dollars for the preparations. This is by the way the most expensive tournament for now. The Japanese set up another record as well more than 2,700 athletes from seventy-two states will compete for sixty-eight gold medals. Among them are five athletes from Uzbekistan. Our country will be represented in free-style, figure skating and alpine skis.

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